Personalized, Hassle-Free,

Same-Day Medical Care


  1. Bullet  Making an appointment to see your doctor

  2. Bullet  Waiting at a crowded doctor’s office

  3. Bullet  Feeling rushed during your doctor’s appointment

  4. Bullet  Insurance premium going up after your ER urgent care visits

  5. Bullet  Paying $1500 or more on your last ER visit

  6. Bullet  Waiting in the over-crowded ER/ Urgent Care waiting room

  7. Bullet  Having to look for a babysitter when one of your children is sick


  1. Bullet  Knowing someone who is homebound, agoraphobic, or visually impaired

  2. Bullet  Looking for a doctor after hours when your doctor’s office is closed


  1. Bullet  Benefit from a personalized house call service!

  2. Bullet  No appointment is necessary for the Same-Day medical care

  3. Bullet  Our service will be delivered within one hour in most cases

  4. Bullet  We can cover a wide range of medical conditions

  5. Bullet  We deliver concierge medicine on demand at an affordable price for many

  6. Bullet  Receive top quality house calls by experienced board-certified emergency physicians

  7. Bullet  Relax in your own home or hotel room while your physician takes care of you

  8. Bullet  Based in Palo Alto and serving the San Francisco Bay Area

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